The TOPdesk Connector uses monitoring applications like Azure Monitor, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and PRTG to retrieve alerts.


The TOPdesk Connector creates a bidirectional connection between the monitoring tool and TOPdesk.

Service Management

Incident cards are created based on the information in the monitoring alert and assigned to the correct groups and people in TOPdesk.


Consider how important it is that a performance or security alert, for example in Azure, has to be followed up quickly. But also, that the manager is notified if a certain spending limit is exceeded. As a system administrator you use monitoring tools that generate specific alerts. In some situations this will have to be followed up immediately and become an incident in the service management process.
As an administrator, you do not want to do this follow-up manually, because it takes a lot of time and is error prone. You want this process to be automated and it is your choice which notifications are immediately forwarded to TOPdesk. In this case, the TOPdesk Connector takes care of this process.


The TOPdesk Connector is used to integrate IT monitoring tools with the incident management process of TOPdesk. Integrating both worlds has two advantages: the support engineer or system administrator just has to focus on one list of incidents and the organisation gains insight into valuable information. The configuration of the TOPdesk Connector is flexible to give control about the degree of automated ticket generation.

The connector will help to streamline the completion of the alerts generated by the monitoring solution according to the incident management process used for all other reported incidents. The TOPdesk Connector works bidirectional: Alerts generated will be visible in TOPdesk, and tickets that are being closed in TOPdesk will also be closed in the monitoring tool.

The installation of the TOPdesk Connector can be downloaded on our download page and all corresponding information can be found in our knowledge base. A trial version of the TOPdesk is available. Are you interested to see the Connector work and experience the added value? Contact us!


  • Integration of Azure Monitor, SCOM and PRTG with the latest version of TOPdesk to combine the best of both.
  • Increased efficiency in alert handling
  • Alert information is added to TOPdesk incident cards; for example the source, severity, description and alert name
  • The TOPdesk incident card number is added after ticket generation
  • A mapping file to specify how information from the monitoring tool is added to the TOPdesk incident card
  • A SCOM management pack to monitor the correct working of the TOPdesk Connector
  • No e-mails, scheduled imports and copy / paste actions are needed to integrate both solutions
  • All functionality is supported like reports to get insight in the correlation between incidents and alerts
  • The TOPdesk Connector creates a bidirectional connection between TOPdesk and Azure Monitor and SCOM (not for PRTG)


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